Audio Visual Lifestyle Solutions

'Audio Visual Lifestyle Solutions' is our innovative solution for you to indulge in a complete audio and visual experience throughout your entire home. We start by creating a full digital media platform to network your home as one.

By having one iPad, iPhone or personal media device at your fingertips to combine your home Audio Visual controls, together with concealing unsightly components within the structure of your home, Your Wired For Sound can create a slick vogue look to suit your lifestyle.

Once your digital media platform is designed and constructed, your home becomes High Definition Ready with pre-wired HDMI cables to carry the latest High Definition media to your HD Panel or projector with full 1080p capability to any room in your home.

We use high quality shielded speaker cables to connect a range of Jamo Custom flush mounted wall and ceiling speakers, all of which can be colour matched to suit your decor. This in turn creates the big cinema sound in your viewing location and music throughout your home, both indoor and outdoor whilst keeping the speakers and connections within the clean lines of your home.

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